Communication and Conflict Skills

Webinars and Masterclasses

Sometimes we know we might not be handling  delicate situations well but don't know how to do it better. Being a leader and manager doesn't necessarily mean that we have the skills to manage difficult conversations or scenarios with our teams. Often we make it worse.


I create bespoke, engaging and interactive Masterclasses and Webinars for you and your management teams to address your specific issues to give you the tools to manage those tricky situations with confidence.

The workshops will help your management teams to:

  • Understand what drives challenging behaviours or unhelpful communication styles within their teams


  • Explore the obstacles preventing them from addressing the issues


  • Teach them a range of tools to manage these more effectively preventing these toxic situations from festering and escalating

  • Restore the harmony and equilibrium.

"The softer skills of Leadership are often the hardest!"