Workplace Mediation

Mediation is one of several solutions to help you and your teams deal with tricky conflict situations.

It’s not unusual for people to lock horns when they are caught up in conflict.  There is little give or take, both sides firmly believe they are right so the other person must be wrong.  There is a reluctance to listen to each other and then they hit deadlock.

Mediation is effective because it uncovers what is driving their disagreements, it helps them explore their issues, their triggers, why they become entrenched and can’t work through their differences.

It is a cathartic process enabling all parties to be heard, probably for the first time. It is future focused so helps build bridges not burn them and gives those involved the opportunity for sustainable change and personal growth.

It helps them get their professional relationship back on track by exploring their blocks and discussing more productive ways to address them in the future.

It creates an opportunity to rebuild trust and respect and allows those involved to work together again in a professional and collaborative way.

Mediations can also be run very effectively on Zoom.  If you are challenged by the technology, don't worry, all you need is access to a computer and I can send you a link.  You don't even need to download it!

Shortlisted Finalist for Workplace Mediator of the Year in the National Mediation Awards 2020

"Feeling heard is one of the single most effective ways to stop conflict in its tracks"

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Types of problems suitable for Mediation:

  • Personality Clash


  • Clash of Management Style

  • Communication Breakdown

  • Communication Style

  • Challenging Behaviours

  • Low level bullying

  • Micro Managing

  • Harassment