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So what is Workplace Mediation?

Workplace Mediation is a simple solution to resolving challenging or difficult conflict situations in the workplace or business setting.


People often don't really know the real reason why they are so angry, upset or behave in a particular way. What they do know is that they just don't want to be in that destructive and unhappy situation any longer.

Cue Mediation....Mediators may not be magicians, but the mediation process is magical.  

So how does it work?

Through careful listening and exploration with both parties, the Mediator allows them the opportunity to unravel the root cause of their dispute and to help them to discuss their conflict in a respectful and safe space.  The aim of the process is to help them understand how they reached such a destructive or 'stuck' place, to find their own solutions and agreement to their dispute and give them the confidence to address future conflicts before they escalate.

It's a cathartic process enabling both parties to be heard, probably for the first time. Mediation is future focused so helps build bridges not burn them. It gives those involved the opportunity for sustainable change and personal growth.

It addresses recurring themes such as  justice, respect, reputation, fairness, honesty, trust and equality.

How does Mediation work?

Stage 1:
  • An initial conversation takes place with the referrer to get background information about the nature of the dispute
  • Contact is made with both parties and a brief confidential conversation follows with each side

  • Date and time of the Mediation is confirmed with both parties


Stage 2:

  • On the day of the Mediation, the Mediator initially holds a private meeting with each party on their own, explains the process, listens to their story, explores their issues and their goals.  All information discussed remains confidential.

  • The same day (in some cases a few days later), both parties will meet together with the Mediator for the first face to face joint session .  This is their chance to tell their story to each other, uninterrupted in a safe and controlled environment.  With the help and guidance of the Mediator to support each party through the process,  they will address key concerns, discuss the impact on each other, look at communication issues and investigate all possible solutions for a better working relationship

  • If all goes well and a resolution is reached, a confidential Agreement is written up for both parties to sign although in some cases this is not required by the parties

  • A follow up telephone conversation is arranged with each party for a future date to assess how they have been managing since the Mediation