How well do you think you really Communicate?

Communicating badly is one of the surest ways to trigger a reaction creating tension, disconnect and the start of an underlying conflict. People don’t necessarily remember what you say but they do remember how you made them feel. Respectful communication is paramount to creating connection and honest and authentic relationships.

To get an idea of whether you are as good as you think, have a look through the following questions and be honest with your answers!


  1. When you are in a meeting, do you make eye contact when you speak?

If you are in the middle of an email and someone approaches you to ask you a question, do you hold your hand up indicating you want them to wait while you finish what you’re doing?

  1. How well do you listen? Do you listen to hear or itching to interrupt?

  1. Do you constantly look at your phone and reply to emails during a conversation or in a meeting?

  1. Do you raise your voice if you feel you’re not being heard?

  1. Do you use bold, CAPITAL LETTERS or underline to make a point in emails.

  1. Do you respond to emails within 24 hours?

  1. Do you cut people off in mid conversation or undermine them infront of colleagues?

  1. If someone is being disruptive or noisy near your desk, do you ask them nicely to keep it down or give the same back?

  1. If you have an issue with a colleague, do you address it with them or complain to everyone else about it.

If you asked 10 people what they thought about your communication skills, do you think they would agree with your answers?

What poor communication skills really annoy you? Please share in the comments and if you’re brave enough, share your own scores too!

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