Have you ever considered what personal struggles have brought relevance and value to your work?

I was asked an interesting question this week about the personal challenges that have helped me develop my work.

I realised our expertise doesn’t just start with our training but a lifetime of mountains we’ve climbed, obstacles we’ve overcome and the paths we’ve navigated.

My life experiences have brought me wisdom, hindsight, relevance, context and insights into my work.

Being a mother of 3 incredible, highly spirited grown up boys meant mediating was a normal part of every day life! 😁 Let me tell you it’s been a very useful skill during lockdown!😜

I’m a step mother to 3 wonderful step children which came with its own challenges and taught me a wealth of conflict management skills and the importance of communicating well.

As a family unit we’ve survived battles, wars, blood, sweat and tears, pain, crisis, chaos, drama. We have learnt to respect boundaries, how to have difficult conversations and how to still be a strong and loving family despite all our challenges. We’ve navigated it all with humour, grace and love.

Have I always got it right? Absolutely not! Even after years of doing what I do. But I’ve always tried to take something from each situation and use it to learn how to do it better next time. We are a work in progress!

Are we the Brady Bunch? Some days yes and some days no! But I’m ok with that. I’ve think we’ve done a great job! We aren’t perfect because perfect isn’t real.

This is what I share with my clients. It’s ok to get things wrong, not to be perfect, to make a wrong judgement call but hold your hands up, make yourself accountable, accept responsibility that you f****d up and say so. It will show you are human, vulnerable and will help to diffuse a heated situation quickly.

This is the experience and understanding I bring with me every day that helps me connect with my clients in conflict or those struggling to communicate in crisis.

What personal experiences do you bring to your work that adds value to your clients?

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