How to Approach Challenging Leadership Conversations in the Workplace.

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Discover How to Confidently Tackle Difficult Conversations, become an Empowered Leader and Avert a Different sort of Crisis!

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Current Shortlisted Finalist in the category of Workplace Mediator of the Year in National Mediation Awards 2020 

Featured coach in April issue of COACH MAGAZINE 2020

Who is this Masterclass for?
You are a CEO who frequently faces challenging employees and behaviours but fails to approach the issues confidently, effectively or at all.
You are an HRD who deals with the chaos that a CEO has created by avoiding difficult conversations?
You are an L&D Leader who organises training for Leaders who lack those crucial soft skills that are often overlooked.
Is this You?
Are you fed up of feeling frustrated that difficult conversations never achieve positive outcomes so the perpetual cycle of toxic behaviours continue?
Do you feel inept and inadequate that you don't know how to approach crucial conversations so avoid them creating a new crisis?
Are you afraid of confrontation and the mere thought of challenging encounter keeps you awake at night?
Do you feel embarrassed that your teams might be losing respect for you because you're not levelling up to your Leadership role?
Do you feel like an insipid leader because your lack of action provokes resentment amongst your teams?

Please join me for a Free Masterclass on Tuesday 29th September at 4:00 pm BST

In this Masterclass you will learn how to approach challenging conversations with ease and confidence so that:

You will understand how to prevent disruptive and toxic behaviours escalating to a bigger crisis than the original issue.

You will feel empowered to tackle tricky situations with confidence and be respected as a leader who takes action rather than one who sweeps issues under the carpet.

You will understand what fears and blocks are stopping you from levelling up to Leadership and how to overcome them.

You will spend less time and energy focusing on draining disputes and more time concentrating on leading your teams to achieve results.

You will have the tools to level up your leadership skills through courageous communication.


About me...

I'm a Communication and Conflict Coach, Consultant and Workplace Mediator.

I work with Leaders, like you, your Management and Executives to navigate difficult conversations in the workplace and beyond.

The way we approach challenging situations makes the difference between a successful and disastrous outcome. If you don't have the skills or tools to manage a tough conversation, it can escalate issues leaving you feel like an inadequate leader.

I show you and your teams how to communicate more effectively to address unhelpful behaviours and dialogue to create a more harmonious and productive workplace.


I am author of several published articles on managing Workplace Conflict, I have recently been featured in COACH Magazine and I'm a regular guest on local radio and podcasts discussing conflict and communication issues in the Workplace.

I was recently a shortlisted finalist in the category of Workplace Mediator in The National Mediation Awards 2020.

If you'd like to have a chat about ways we could work together, I would love to hear from you.

Please email me at or send me a message on my contact form on my website



"The difference in perspective between our two directors was creating disconnect and lack of focus and drive for the business.  Their failure to speak to each other with respect was sending shock waves through the company and very clear messages that all was not well.  Your constructive advice offering illuminating ways to approach them both was invaluable.  I wouldn't have alighted upon the best course of action without our conversation, so thank you!"

Chief People Officer - Technology Sector

"As you know communication is not one of my strengths and I have spent many tortuous years reflecting on my ineffective attempts to deal with those tough conversations.  Your advice was a game changer and I cannot thank you enough for the delightful way you helped me without making me feel more embarrassed or ashamed."

CEO - Banking

Challenging Situations demand Difficult Conversations. Register here for my Free Masterclass to find out how to manage them more effectively.

By giving me your details you are agreeing to join my email list to receive more tips and offers on my services  .You can unsubscribe at any time. Please see my Privacy Policy for further information on how I store your data.