How to Master Difficult Leadership Conversations in Business and Beyond!


Adopt powerful communication techniques and skills to improve and strengthen your leadership communications, navigate challenging conflict conversations with your peers, colleagues and teams to foster healthy, constructive and respectful relationships.

An engaging, interactive, full-day Workshop at 

The Dorchester Hotel in Central London.

Wednesday 30th March 2022

09:30 am – 5:00 pm

As an ambitious and dedicated CEO, Leader, HR Director or Business Owner, you’re passionate about fostering a positive culture of communication that promotes healthy interpersonal relationships, empathetic management of delicate or difficult situations, accelerates productivity, performance and profits. 

You struggle to manage challenging personalities in a team leaving you feeling overwhelmed  and filled with self-doubt.  

You avoid or skirt around delivery of tough feedback, performance or behavioural issues that will provoke pushback and resistance due to low confidence.  As a result,  you don’t share honest and transparent information and nothing changes.


You strive to engage and influence your teams during times of transition or change and instead are met with walls of silence and resistance.


You are hesitant to approach conversations that require sensitivity around mental health or personal issues as you find them awkward and uncomfortable leaving your teams to conclude that you don't care about them.


You know boundaries need to be implemented when you are promoted over peers yet are unsure how to preserve your relationship or say no.

You rush key conversations due to time pressures and deadlines which creates confusion and opposition from your teams.

You struggle to speak up confidently and be heard when you are faced with intimidating and challenging colleagues who are unwilling to listen to your opinions. 

You feel anxious and lose focus during presentations when you are in the spotlight or ‘under fire’.  You become easily derailed and fail to articulate your points with clarity putting client relationships, projects or even a promotion at risk.

You find it uncomfortable to manage up or speak up around delicate issues with your own boss or client.


This fully interactive day will help you to step up to lead yourself and your teams, redefine and adapt your communication style and become a confident and effective leader. 


You will learn how to master your communication to have breakthrough conversations without fear, anxiety, stress, panic or confusion.


You will embrace a more successful way to master people management and challenging conversations with the ‘savoir faire’ and skills required to achieve clear outcomes and keep morale high, enabling you to do the role you love in full.

This One Day Workshop will enable you to:

Be confident to empathetically address poor performance and learn how to deliver constructive feedback so that you can motivate and support individuals and teams for enhanced performance.

Understand your communication archetype and learn to speak with impact so that you can be confident in your leadership navigation and management to diffuse potential issues.

Feel empowered to set and maintain healthy boundaries with your peers, colleagues, teams and clients without fear so that you can start enjoying respectful, positive relationships.

Manage your responses more constructively when you feel triggered so that you can calmly navigate a difficult conversation with ease and aplomb.

Develop a courageous, compassionate and empathetic approach to emotional and mental health issues and the wellbeing of your teams.

Learn strategic communication skills to influence change and transition and overcome resistance with ease.

4 - workshop shot_edited.jpg
As well as an armoury of tools to navigate any challenging conversation, you will have access to real time coaching to support you with you own specific issues and an effective strategy to implement immediately.

This is for you if you are a Leader or Business Owner who would like to improve your communication skills to reduce the opportunity of confrontational dialogue, build rapport and relationships with your peers, your teams and clients, encourage collaboration and improve team performance and productivity.

You will feel empowered to have breakthrough conversations with confidence and courage to ensure you breeze through these difficult situations with skill and ease to achieve success in all your challenging interactions.


Your communication can speak volumes about who you are and how you are experienced and perceived.


15% Early Bird Offer if you book by 9:00 pm on Monday 14th March 2022.  
(Group booking rate available)
Lunch will be included on site*
Delegate Workbook 


09:30 am - 10:00 am
Registration and Coffee

10:00 am - 11:30 am 
Avoidance and Procrastination
Mindset and Approach
Exploring your Communication Style
The Four Archetypes
Group Discussion and Exercises

11:30 am - 11:50 am

11:50 am -1:00 pm
Performance Management and Communication 

Understanding the Dynamics of Feedback Conversations

Setting Healthy Boundaries 

Compassionate Conversations - Emotional Wellbeing, 

Mental Health, Redundancy

Critical Conversations - Change, Transition & Resistance  

Courageous Conversations - Speaking Up with Impact

Confrontational Conversations - Triggers and Disagreements

Client Conversations

Group Exercise

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm


(*please advise of any dietary requirements at time of booking)

1:45 pm - 3:30 pm


Tips, Tools and Techniques to Master Difficult Conversations

Mindset Matters

Plan and Prepare

Building Rapport, Relationships and Recognition

The Power of Listening

Curious Conversations

The Importance of Listening


Group Discussion

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm



4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


You will be invited to share your specific dilemma around a difficult conversation that I will coach you through in real time to take away an effective communication strategy to implement immediately


5:00 pm 




(Value £ 400)

Book and pay by 9:00 pm on Monday 14th March

To secure your bonus 1:2:1 x 60 minute Communication Coaching Session with me!


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Nicole is a Communication and Conflict Expert, supporting and empowering  Leaders, Business Owners and high-performing teams to communicate more effectively and successfully navigate difficult conversations with confidence and ease.

As an Executive Conflict Coach, Trainer and accredited Workplace Mediator, she has an interest in the psychology of conflict combined with extensive experience in communications following a background in PR.

She is author of many published articles on communication and workplace conflict in the following publications: Thrive Global, SME and HR Magazine.  She is an invited Executive Contributor to BRAINZ Magazine.

Nicole was featured in COACH Magazine in 2020, has contributed to several articles in Metro (online), Psychologies Magazine and other work-life publications.  She’s a regular podcast guest and contributor to local radio shows discussing Leadership Communication and conflict issues in the workplace.

In 2021 she was included in the Brainz 500 Global list as one of 500 companies or influential leaders who are recognised for their entrepreneurial success, achievements and dedication to helping others. And in 2020 she was a shortlisted finalist in the UK National Mediation Awards.


​​Thanks so much to Nicole for the really thought-provoking workshop on managing conflict in the workplace and beyond. We’ve received some fantastic feedback from clients and staff who have come away from the session armed with techniques to help manage difficult conversations, not just in the workplace but in everyday situations. Simple advice, professionally and sensitively presented. Thank you from all at BE Offices.


Michelle Winton

Community and Event Manager,

BEO Offices



Thank you again for a wonderful workshop! Everyone absolutely loved it and have shared how much they've enjoyed being a part of it!


Carissa Trentini

Network Services Senior Operations Manager


Thanks for your workshop on Wednesday. 

I think what resonated for me was the importance of addressing issues as soon as possible. I loved hearing results you have had from working with various clients and I think the team did as well. 

 I know that the material was very valuable in enabling the Team Leads to have more effective conversations in their roles. 


Jessica Morgan

VP Global Clinical Service Delivery



Motivate and improve your team's performance, behaviours and dynamics through better relationships.

Inspire and effortlessly Influence decisions with your peers and colleagues without confrontation so that action and progress happens without conflict.

Speak up with Impact to ensure your opinions are heard and respected.

Deliver feedbacIk with tact and honesty without experiencing opposition.

Learn how to Step In and Step Up to Difficult Leadership Conversations with Courage, Confidence and finesse to become an Empowered and Brilliant communicator!

(Early bird 15% discount until 14th March!)