Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees amid the chaos and that prevents us from progressing with clarity.  Yet to make an effective change, we often need another pair of eyes and ears on our challenges to decipher where transformation needs to happen and how to effect it.


I work with organisations who are faced with complex communication and conflict issues and challenging people dynamics affecting moral, engagement, collaboration, productivity and the general status quo.

These might relate to how teams communicate with each other, how managers address difficult conversations and how leaders communicate during a crisis.

I will help you uncover the reasons behind these obstacles, look at what needs to change and then create a strategy for you and your teams to implement.

I can work with you and your Managers to:

  • Understand complicated team dynamics

  • Address unhelpful behaviours

  • Learn new ways to communicate more effectively

  • Approach difficult conversations with greater confidence

  • Navigate differences with skill and understanding

  • Learn how to communicate better to earn more respect

  • How to give and receive honest feedback

  • Create a more empowering, authentic and engaging People Culture

"We have a choice how we approach conflict.  We can either react or we can respond.  Both will create very different outcomes."