Critical Communication in Crisis

4 Week Group Coaching Progamme

Are you struggling with crucial conversations at a time when you need to be managing them with authority and confidence?
Is this You?
You're a Leader or a Manager who finds honest and sensitive feedback conversations tricky during difficult times. You're afraid of objections, kickback and emotional outbursts?
You've reached the top of the Leadership Ladder or you're a Business Owner yet struggle to have courageous conversations with confidence?
You're a Leader or Business owner who often find yourself in a perpetual cycle of dysfunctional dialogue with colleagues or Company Directors preventing a clear strategy and path to move decisions forward.
You are faced with some of the most painful decisions regarding redundancies and don't know how to approach these conversations with compassion, empathy and confidence.

What will you learn on this Programme?

How to deliver difficult news with confidence and compassion.

How to show up and communicate as a confident leader when you feel isolated and powerless

How to approach feedback and performance reviews with sensitivity during a crisis

How to respectfully communicate with colleagues who disagree to avert a different sort of crisis

What does the 4 Week Programme include?

Weekly Group Coaching

Live Q&A's

Downloadable Worksheets

2 Bonuses:

Dynamic Communication Checklist to Lead with Confidence, Authority and Connection

30 minute 'Power' call with me to understand your blocks  (worth £ 175)


About me...

I’m a Communication and Conflict Expert and my mission is to support Leaders and their teams who are challenged by difficult conversations in the Workplace and to help navigate them more effectively.


These are the ones many Leaders or Business Owners avoid because they shy away from confrontation or they don’t have the skills, knowledge, courage or tools to manage them confidently.


The result? Communication and relationships crumble, toxic behaviours increase, discord and silent resentment bubble away. And those that are left, start to lose respect for their Leader, who then starts to question their own leadership abilities and wonders whether they are up to the job.


And all this because a conversation didn’t happen or happen well!

I show you and your teams how to communicate more effectively to address unhelpful behaviours and dialogue to create a more harmonious and productive workplace.


I am author of numerous published articles on managing Workplace Conflict, I have recently been featured in COACH Magazine and I'm a regular guest on local radio and podcasts discussing conflict and communication issues in the Workplace.

I was recently a shortlisted finalist in the category of Workplace Mediator in The National Mediation Awards 2020.

If you'd like to have a chat about ways we could work together, I would love to hear from you.

Please email me at, book a call here or send me a message on my contact form on my website