Sometimes the way you communicate with others may raise eyebrows or ruffle feathers. Often it's not what you say, but how you say it that causes tension and friction.

Knowing how to communicate with confidence can prevent conflict issues escalating and give you the tools to manage them more effectively.

Communication Coaching can

support you and your managers to:

  • Communicate with clarity and confidence, particularly during times of crisis

  • Understand how to give feedback

  • Listen more effectively

  • Engage and connect with your teams with authenticity and empathy

  • Inspire and motivate

  • Approach challenging conversations with ease

  • Address clipped and unhelpful communication style 

  • Learn more effective ways to communicate to reduce triggers 

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching can be particularly helpful to understand the drivers and triggers behind challenging behaviours, how to manage them and the tools and strategies to achieve a more effective outcome.

It is not just helpful for Leaders but Senior Management and their teams too.

I help my clients to:

  • Understand destructive behaviours and dynamics

  • Explore  ways to approach difficult conversations

  • Examine conflict triggers

  • Uncover the cause of challenging behaviours

  • Use tools to address other people’s challenging behaviours

  • Learn new ways to communicate

  • Prevent toxic and hostile work environment

"Often it's not what you say but how you say it. Only 7% of what we say is content!"


How can I help?

I work with clients who struggle to communicate well, who find it difficult to engage with colleagues or who

regularly find themselves involved in heated or challenging conversations.


I help them explore what's behind their destructive behaviours and communication style which might be causing fractious relationships. 


We look at new ways to communicate to foster greater engagement and improve professional relationships. 

Life is full of bumps and hurdles and the journey ahead might feel overwhelming and turbulent. However change also creates amazing opportunities if you are willing to embrace them.

Are you ready for the journey?

I'm delighted to have been a featured coach in the April issue of COACH Magazine.

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