Leadership and Management can be a lonely place and asking for support can feel uncomfortable. While the outside world may view you as confident and assertive, you may be riddled with self-doubt, overwhelmed with frustrations and lacking in clarity and vision about your way ahead.

You may struggle to approach conversations with ease or question why you are regularly triggered by the same niggling issues.

Sometimes the way you communicate with others may raise eyebrows or ruffle feathers.

Conflict Coaching can be particularly helpful with concerns around confidence, poor

communication style, self doubt, as well and understanding the drivers and triggers behind challenging behaviours.

It is very effective not just for Leaders but Senior Management and their teams too.

I help my clients to:

  • Understand what they don’t want anymore

  • Clarify what they do want

  • Explore their blocks and barriers

  • Design a vision of their new future

  • Create a strategy for their journey

  • Define goals and markers to measure their success

  • Examine what’s behind their challenging behaviours

  • Utilise more useful tools to address other people’s challenging behaviours

  • Change their mindset from negative and defeatist to positive and empowered

  • Learn new ways to communicate

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How can I help?

I work with clients who struggle to communicate well, who find it difficult to engage with colleagues or who are simply stuck in a particular aspect of their life. Perhaps they have reached a cross road and just don't know which path to take or how to move forward.


I help them to clarify their goals, understand their blocks and explore their destructive behaviours and communication style which might be causing fractious relationships. 


We look at new ways to communicate better to foster greater engagement and improve professional relationships. 

Life is full of bumps and hurdles and the journey ahead might feel overwhelming and turbulent. However change also creates amazing opportunities if you are willing to embrace them.

Are you ready for the journey?

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